Lutheran High School Girl's Soccer All-American Award

The LAAA 2018-19 AA Team 2018-19 LAAA All-American Award Recipients

The Lutheran High School Girl's Soccer All-American Award is a unified Lutheran All-American Association that brings together the student-athletes from all Lutheran denominations in the USA and Canada (LCMS, WELS, ELCA, and NALC) in an attempt to foster sisterhood forged through the fires of competition. The program promotes physical strength and health as well as an active pursuit of Christian ideals in high school student’s personal lives and education.

This honor will be awarded annually to recognize the best players at their respective positions from their high school season.

All Lutheran high schools in the USA and Canada will be contacted during the spring girl's soccer season. At the end of the season Coaches and Athletic Directors will be asked to nominate student athletes with high athletic, academic, and spiritual integrity.

Selections will be made for:
• A 1st Team All-American roster
• A 2nd Team All-American roster
• A Freshman All-American roster (freshman team nominations are in addition to regular nominations)
• An Honorable Mention roster

After the 2018 Girl's All-American teams are selected the coaches will be contacted to provide head shots for 1st Team honorees.

After the Girl's All-American teams are completed certificates will be mailed to the high schools of the Lutheran High School Girl's Soccer All-Americans to be presented by the Athletic Director and Coach.

A roster of each sport’s LAAA will be maintained on the website. A press release will be sent to each hometown newspaper.

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